2016 Senior: Paige

Can you believe it is already the end of August?! I have already moved into my apartment for the semester, and will be beginning classes this coming Monday. I know some of my friends already started classes this week. Soon the leaves will change and the sweaters will come out… and I cannot wait. Paige’s first round of senior pictures were unfortunately rained out, but we will still able to get some beautiful urban ones downtown! Once we had waited long enough for the rain to let up, which it never did, we rescheduled. Again, rain came and went, and a reschedule was again necessary. Finally, last night we could not have had more perfect weather. No humidity, a little tiny breeze at all the right times, and clear beautiful skies. The weather made for some absolutely stunning shots. I wish I could post all of them, but I’ve picked a few of my favorites to share. Take a look!

PS. Big huge thank you to Paige and her mom for being so patient with the weather and working with me! It was so much fun, and I’m so glad Paige was able to bring a friend along as well. It made the experience that much more enjoyable for her, and it made my job that much easier!


IMG_2909-1downloadIMG_2940-1-1IMG_3060-1IMG_3013-1download (2)IMG_3584-1-1IMG_3604-1download (3)IMG_3622-1IMG_3689-1IMG_3870-1download (1)IMG_3933-1download (4)


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