2016 Senior: Adam

Hey everyone! I definitely haven’t been on my blogging game lately, as it has been a crazy first month at school. I’m slowly getting into the swing of things, but barely. How is it almost already the end of September? Time is seriously flying, and that means I’m one month closer to leaving for London… eek!!! I’m now working as an event photographer for CSBSJU, and that means my little baby brother’s senior photos have completely slipped my mind and taken a backseat for the time being… sorry, mom! However, I finally have his portraits done and edited, and I love how they turned out! How is he seriously already a senior in high school? I feel like I’m still a FRESHMAN in high school. He looks so grown up, and I can’t wait to see where life takes him!

Best of luck as you finish off high school, Adam! Only a few months left until you’re a Johnnie 🙂


20150821Adam_Senior_Portraits3232-2 20150821Adam_Senior_Portraits324620150821Adam_Senior_Portraits329120150821Adam_Senior_Portraits3250-2 20150821Adam_Senior_Portraits3311 20150821Adam_Senior_Portraits3408 20150821Adam_Senior_Portraits3419-2 20150821Adam_Senior_Portraits3456 20150821Adam_Senior_Portraits3478 20150821Adam_Senior_Portraits3518


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