Winter 2015: The Jaenisch Family

Finally, I’m back! It’s been a busy semester but I’m officially halfway done with my junior year. They really don’t lie to you when they say your four years in college will the best and fastest years of your life; time is flying! With that being said, I’m painfully behind on blogging so there will be quite a few sets coming your way over the next week before I leave for my adventure abroad.

I had a little bit of time over my Thanksgiving break (and now winter break!) to get some family shoots done, one of them being my wonderful next door neighbors! The Jaenisch’s have lived next to us since I can remember, from when they were a family of two to a family of five. Their three little bundles of joy (I suppose they’re not all that little anymore!) are also three bundles of tons of energy that provide tons of laughter. We had a great time in November, and I’m so pleased with how the photos turned out. Check out a few of my favorites!


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