Winter 2015: The Schmidt Family

Just took these this week and already blogging them – winter break, you are so good to me. Although, I’ve spent 24 hours at home and I’m already getting antsy. HOW is this possible? Not even a week ago I was consumed with final papers, projects, and presentations, and now I am puzzled by what to watch next online. Can’t complain though, spending all of this time with friends and family before I leave is heavenly.

Now, the real reason for this post! I met Katie back in high school, and we have managed to keep in touch since. Her family is rambunctious and hilarious, a perfect combination for a family session. Needless to say, the hour we spent together was one of my favorites! I would be lying if I said Milo, the beautiful puppy of theirs, didn’t steal my heart immediately. Their family is filled with so much love, and it’s obvious through these photos. Take a look; they seriously melt my heart!




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