Newborn: Lincoln Stang

Hi everyone!!!! Finally, I’m able to write/blog/shoot on US ground! I had the most beautiful semester abroad I could’ve possibly imagined, but I am extremely excited to be home. I am going to have a ton of free time during the month of May, so if you know someone in need of some updated photos, send them my way!

I was lucky enough to get home just in time for this little hunk of love to be born!!!! Because Jackson was so early when he was born almost two years ago, I was working against the clock to beat Lincoln’s arrival. He stayed in long enough for me to get settled at home and came into the world last Thursday, a Cinco-de-Mayo baby! I’ve been taking photos of Kensey and her boys for what feels like forever, and I’m so excited to have another one to add to the mix! Lincoln is the most beautiful little babe and I can’t say enough congrats to Kensey and Mike on another beautiful boy. Jackson makes my heart explode, so I don’t know what I’m going to do with two of them. Check him out below!!!




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