Father’s Day 2017


My family isn’t really one for traditions, or at least no overt, planned, annual traditions come to mind. However, this year we might have started our own, and it’s a good one. My dad, for those who know him well, is a devout craft beer aficionado. This year, we decided to forego the card-giving holiday and do something a little different, at least for us: Minneapolis breweries. To say my dad was in heaven all day was an understatement. We started at his favorite, Surly, and then made our way to the Fulton Taproom and Inbound BrewCo, conveniently located on basically the same block. We enjoyed a few beers, the best meal at Surly, and played plenty of hands of cards. We even have a few photos to show for ourselves 🙂 Hope you and yours had the best weekend!


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